12 February 2012


Yesterday while out to dinner with my husband, I overheard some folks saying Whitney Houston was dead. They were young, so I figured just some crazy internet rumor, after all I had just seen pictures of her a Pre-Grammy Party having a blast and looking good, so this couldn't be true. Well they kept talking about it, mentioned media takeout and well, they are not a source of news. So despite not wanting to be on my phone during my dinner date with my husband, I asked if I could see what they were talking about and he said ok. Well as soon as I picked up my phone, I had a text from a good friend with the news, so I went to Facebook and Witches Brew and low and behold it was true.. Again, I was just in disbelief, I mean really the pictures that I had just saw of her showed a happy woman who partied a little to hard, but not knocking at death's door, so what in the world happened.
After reading as many posts about the news on Facebook and watching a little bit of CNN after returning home, I have decided that I don't want to know how she died. I don't want the news to continue to rehash all the poor decisions she made in her life, what I want as a Mom is for us all to remember that she has a beautiful young daughter, who is now without a Mom. A wonderful Mother who has to bury her daughter and an ex-husband who truly did love her and now can't tell her anymore.  So let's all vow to say a prayer today for Cissy, Bobby Brown and most importantly Bobbi Kristina and for ourselves as we have truly lost a Voice that exemplifies the talent that God bestows upon some. That voice was truly amazing and has brought many of us to tears, which is nothing but God coming through us.

I know this imperfectly perfect Diva is gonna miss Ms. Whitty Hutton (if you don't know, Martin reruns are always on :-)

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