26 January 2012

My Eating Disorder

So, I discovered a while ago that I have an eating disorder. Actually, I like most have know for a long time but was just in denial. Remember admittance is the first step. No I'm not anorexic or bulimic in fact I'm not sure what you call my disorder. What I know is that I eat when I'm upset, lonely or depressed. Wait, don't we all do that, well to an extent yes, but you see it's not healthy. When I overindulge in food because of my mood, it's rarely healthy food and it's also usually very late at night ( I have insomnia when my husband is gone, another blog), which is bad because my body is just storing up all the fat and calories that I have eaten. I have tried on occasion to eat an apple, trail mix or pecans or other nuts in an effort to "healthy" eat, but when I feel this way I crave sweets. So not good.
So in an effort to curb this, I have been brushing my teeth (i'm kinda anal about eating after brushing) and I have "banned" sweets. What does that mean, well when I ventured to Trader Joes, I did not buy my beloved jelly beans, dark carmel clusters, salt water taffy's or gummy bears. So my pantry is full of granola bars, trail mix, nuts. I still have chips, cookies and fruit leathers but those aren't usually things I like to snack on, so I'm pretty safe. I say pretty, because, well it's a hard habit to kick, so those "bad"snacks might win out, if I just have to snack late at night. My saving grace is that I buy snacks with no transfats,  little  to no salt (I have high blood pressure), as natural as possible and no food dye.

So Step 1, I admitted I have a problem with late-night snacking, it's like that sometimes when you are an imperfectly perfect diva.

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  1. Good for you, Shautel!!! We can work on this together!!