27 January 2012

Love it!


This song gives me chills every time I hear it and the scene from the movie is one of my favorites.



Ok, so why did I start this blog and not talk about myself first? The first thing I talked about was my alma mater, guess you know that means I highly value  education.

Me: married to Dusty for 7 years and going strong
Malcolm my oldest from a previous relationship is "gasp", 15
Dusty is 6
Olivia 4
Charlotte 3

So yea, I"m busy. I am a SAHM (stay at home mom for those not in the know) and have been for the past 7 years, while it was fun in the beginning, I'm ready to move on to something else, what I don't know but I need some extracurricular activities that don't involve, snacks, juice boxes, potty breaks, breaking up fights, driving all around town, etc...

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being a SAHM, but at times, I feel bad that I am not using that degree that I earned and still owe money for from Howard. Granted I have no desire to work in the field of psychology, but I'd still like to use the fact that I have a degree that I earned with the second highest honors while toting around Mr. Malcolm.

I am of course thinking and plotting in my head exactly what that next move will be since in the fall 3 of 4 will be in school full time and if we can afford it, the youngest will also be in school. This means I will have more free time on my heads and as the saying goes idle hands are the devil's workshop and I have no desire to do the biddings of Lucifer.

While this in no way is a complete story of me, just a petite synopsis, I will share more of my life intermittently with musings about other things that are on my mind, so I think the imperfectly perfect diva is signing out for the night..

BoxTops For Education

While I think this is an excellent program  to fundraise for schools, I still have my issues. Most school have competitions for which class and/or person collects the most. Well when the same kids win, who is really winning? I don't buy very many products that have boxtops simply bc most of the food products are high in fat, sugar and basically unhealthy ingredients. See my motto is 10 or less ingredients and I should be able to read them and understand them without Websters.  Now I do collect some from products such as Paper Towels, ziploc containers and several Cascadian Farms products, but not enough for any of my children to ever win the prize for collecting the most. But it's ok, since My kids know they are winners in my book and that's all that matters in this imperfectly perfect diva's life.

26 January 2012

My Eating Disorder

So, I discovered a while ago that I have an eating disorder. Actually, I like most have know for a long time but was just in denial. Remember admittance is the first step. No I'm not anorexic or bulimic in fact I'm not sure what you call my disorder. What I know is that I eat when I'm upset, lonely or depressed. Wait, don't we all do that, well to an extent yes, but you see it's not healthy. When I overindulge in food because of my mood, it's rarely healthy food and it's also usually very late at night ( I have insomnia when my husband is gone, another blog), which is bad because my body is just storing up all the fat and calories that I have eaten. I have tried on occasion to eat an apple, trail mix or pecans or other nuts in an effort to "healthy" eat, but when I feel this way I crave sweets. So not good.
So in an effort to curb this, I have been brushing my teeth (i'm kinda anal about eating after brushing) and I have "banned" sweets. What does that mean, well when I ventured to Trader Joes, I did not buy my beloved jelly beans, dark carmel clusters, salt water taffy's or gummy bears. So my pantry is full of granola bars, trail mix, nuts. I still have chips, cookies and fruit leathers but those aren't usually things I like to snack on, so I'm pretty safe. I say pretty, because, well it's a hard habit to kick, so those "bad"snacks might win out, if I just have to snack late at night. My saving grace is that I buy snacks with no transfats,  little  to no salt (I have high blood pressure), as natural as possible and no food dye.

So Step 1, I admitted I have a problem with late-night snacking, it's like that sometimes when you are an imperfectly perfect diva.

25 January 2012

My Glorious Hair

Awe, A Black woman's hair, well this Black woman's hair anyway, is a mystery. As I attempt to care for my hair and that of my 2 daughters, I'll occasionally blog about it. I'm trying something new, it's called the L.O.C method (Lotion, Oil, Conditioner). So look for pictures and a longer blog about my glorious hair, hopefully tomorrow.. We shall see if that pans out, maybe I should say Friday.

23 January 2012

I'm So Glad

Fall of my senior year in high school, I had to decide which colleges I was going to apply to and I chose 5: NYU, Emory, Spelman, Tennessee State and Howard. While NYU was my first choice, I mean who doesn't want to live in NY, it was just too expensive and as a first-generation college student, there was no money to help with expenses and working 2 jobs plus going to school was not in my plan. Emory was next because, well I wanted to live in Atlanta after all it was the NY of the South, but several of my high school classmates were accepted to Emory and I really didn't want to be around anyone from high school, not because I didn't like them but because I really wanted to start fresh. I truly had no preference between Spelman, TSU and Howard, but TSU was knocked out of the running when I was told that they were going through a lot of changes and it might not be a good fit for me, so that bumped them off the list. So it was between Spelman and Howard, both of which I visited, Spelman during Freaknik and well, that sealed their fate. No way did I want to be around such craziness, so Howard it was. Boy am I glad, I had no idea of Howard's history, nor did I know the prestige that came with saying, yes I attend Howard. It turns out that everyone wanted to attend Howard and seriously I had no idea. The Mecca as I learned once I stepped on the campus.

Now that I have graduated, it is still crazy to me that I had no idea of the legacy that I would become a part of. Everyone I look, I see visions of my alma mater. I watch a show and someone is sporting a HU shirt, Bill Cosby on the Cosby Show, Marlon Wayons on the Wayons brothers, Tracee Ellis Ross's character on her current television show is a Howard alumnae. 

What sparked this post was song by Drake where he raps : Sounds so smart like you  graduated college, like you went to Yale but you probably went to Howard. 

I mean seriously how many of you can say, yeah my alma mater is mentioned in a top 10 Rap song? 

Awe HU..

Bison Pride 
C/O 97