19 February 2015

Cabin Fever

Well, It's been a while but here goes.. Here in Nashville we have unseasonably cold weather for this area. Monday we experienced an ice storm that shut the city down, thankfully it was President's Day so schools were out, however my homeschooled kids also missed out on a day away from Mom because the Nashville Children's Theatre Drama Day was cancelled as well. All my plans for the day were ruined as well.  I had planned on staking out post Valentine's day sales, going to get new running shoes, going to JoAnn's to peruse fabric remnants and other craft items and do some planning for our Summer, but instead we were hanging out as a family and that's ok, but I hate missing a sale.

On Tuesday the cold temperatures and some more snow caused the ice to remain, schools closed and pretty much everything else closed as well. Let me explain, our driveway is up a 45 degree angle and it is complete ICE, so we are pretty much stuck in the house until our driveway melts so everything is closed in our eyes since we can't get out. Many of our neighbors also live up extreme hills, some park their cars at the bottom of their driveways, we chose not to do that, I just felt like if we need to get out, then we will figure it out or we will have to change our plans. We have seen some folks venture out and thankfully they made it back in, however we haven't seen the mailman and well you know if he can't make it, I know we can't but that's ok, because it's not like we don't have things to do.

Today is Thursday and it is COLD, so cold that our Homeschool Day at our local Nature Center was cancelled and again we are "stuck" in the house. Which is not a big deal as we have stuff to do, since well we do Homeschool. However I know the kids want to go outside.

I stepped out on the porch and thought it's not that cold, apparently it's 12 degrees but feels like -2, and yet I didn't think it was that bad. Then it hit me, there were times when I was growing up that we did not have heat in the winter (not the bitter cold because by law in St. Louis the heat can not be turned off in the winter once it gets to December 21st or 22nd whichever is the official start date for winter and luckily it doesn't start getting bitterly cold in St. Louis until January), so I am kind of use to cold weather in that aspect. No I don't have bitter feelings towards my mother, because she was doing the best she could as a teen mother with no high school education. That was life and I learned to adapt and survive. So I know how to dress in the winter and in turn that's how I make my kids dress and I am prepared for the possibility that we will not leave our house until Sunday because we have more than enough food or things to make meals out of and we have clothes to keep warm, our heat is not turned off but if it does we have a fireplace and a gas stove, so again we will be ok. Heck I had to walk in about 6 inches of snow with no snow boots for about 5 miles to try and catch a school bus because I missed mine, so I'm good.

Although I have 2 younger brothers, one was born when I was 18, the other when I was 21 and had my own child, I still am considered an only child in psychological terms, So I am used to being "alone" and entertaining myself, I mean what else are books for other than to take you to another place (see we didn't have cable, so I only had local channels and PBS to watch).  I mention all this to simply because  I don't really have cabin fever and thankfully neither do my kids.  Don't get me wrong, I am disappointed that I am  missing out on all those post Valentine's Day sales (because 70% off as I am sure that's is how high the mark down is at Target right about now is something that makes me happy), and I really want to get new running shoes (because I really need to start running), and I REALLY want to go to the library (we have a brand new library and it's BEAUTIFUL and I could go there everyday), I mean I was an "only" child so Books became my friend, yes I'm all over the place that's why this blog is called Imperfectly Perfect because that's who I am and I do not have Cabin Fever, now ask me tomorrow, LOL.

01 December 2013

Untitled for Now

When you see me,
I want you to regret
that you let me go

Jealous of the love I now have
Jealous of the love you missed out on

Trying to replace me
I'm irreplaceable
Guess you didn't realize it soon enough

I am the truth
You are the lie

I am Love
You are Hate

I am the Light you sought
You are the Darkness, I ran from

I am Peace
You are Chaos

I am the Yin
You will never be my Yang

08 April 2013

Making Changes

Yesterday I alluded to making changes to lose a few things, those things are un welcomed, unwanted pounds. Pounds I have been carrying around since Charlotte was born 4 years ago.

Let me start this off a little differently, I graduated high school weighing 120 pounds. I graduated college with an almost 1 year old in tow and 130 pounds, which is my ideal weight. Fast forward to meeting my meeting, falling in love with, moving in with and then marrying my husband. We were married in May 2004 and I became pregnant in September 2004, I was pregnant or nursing from then until May 2009. I have pretty much weighed around 170 give or take since I gave birth to Charlotte in November 2008. Considering that it's 2013, and I still weighed that amount, it's a good thing, but not a good thing.

Now that we've gotten a little background, I have been trying to figure out how to get into the groove of things and lose this excess weight, mainly for health reason (I have High Blood Pressure and I refuse to take prescription medicine and I know losing weight will aid in keeping my pressure down) and a little bit of vanity is also involved with my desire to lose weight. Hey I want to wear a 2 piece again. The problem is stress and when I'm stressed I eat, not a good combination. Stress eating also usually isn't the healthiest of foods. When I crave, I crave salt (since I rarely eat it bc of my HBP) and sweets and with 4 kids, I have tons of salty and sweet items in my house.

So the changes that are being made, cutting down on the unhealthy snacks that I purchase. I am also eating 6 times a day, the 3 daily meals and 3 healthy snacks. I am also attempting to not eat more than 3500 calories a day and the biggest change is drinking at least 64 ounces of water every day.  I have also added some form of exercise at least 3 times a week. Last week, I walked 9 miles total and it felt pretty good. This week I am walking/running up and down my driveway, which is pretty steep. It was a challenge, but perseverance is key in losing this weight.

Do I have a date in mind, not really but it would be nice if I lost it before summer ends and that is a possibility if I maintain my eating and exercising habits.

On April 1, 2013, I weighed 170 pounds, On April 7, 2013, I weighed 166 pounds..

Onward and upward...If you are trying to lose weight, start small, Lets all start on the journey of a healthier version of ourselves :-)

26 March 2013

My Youthful Look :-)

When I post photo's of myself on Facebook, oft times friends from high school comment that I look like I haven't aged a bit. Well, my body knows I'm aging, however I am doing my best to make sure my face doesn't change that much, LOL.  I don't know if I necessarily have a secret, I try to eat natural and organic foods as often as possible. I do not drink soda nor do I smoke or do any drugs, legal or illegal. I do my best to drink as much water as possible and I rarely wash my face with soap. I actually was my face with Oil, yes Oil. I use a mixture of castor oil and I can't remember if I added sunflower or grapeseed oil, but I think it's working. My face seems soft and I don't need to apply any moisturizer; the area around my eyes is extremely sensitive, so whenever I applied any time of moisturizer, if I got too close, I ended up being teary-eyed for the rest of the day. This issue is also why I can not receive facials.  I use witch hazel with a few drops of lavender oil as a toner and that's all.  Here is the link to a great blog about Oil Cleansing, I hope it helps.

22 March 2013

Olivia Camille

Six years ago, I went in for a scheduled C-Section to meet my First daughter to be named Olivia Camille Walker.. She came at 9:46 am weighing in at 6 lbs 6 oz and 19.7 inches long, I was Shocked.. I just knew she was going to be at least 8 lbs because my Belly was HUGE...But that's another story...

Olivia is named after my Grandmother, Olivia Augusta Greenwood who died in 1999 well before my Princess was even thought of.. So she only has memories of her namesake, but memories and photo's will sustain her.

Olivia actually has always been a favorite name of mine and I honestly didn't realize how popular the name was when my Olivia was born. Olivia has remained in the Top 10 Girls Names since, I believe 2000. But luckily my Olivia has not been in a class where she had to share her name.

Here are a few other women and girls who sold me on the name Olivia.
Olivia Hussey as Juliet in the 1968 Movie: Romeo and Juliet

Olivia Newton-John as Sandy in Grease

Olivia Brown as Detective Trudy Joplin in Miami Vice

Olivia D'Abo as Karen Arnold in The Wonder Years

Mariska Hargitay as Detective Olivia Benson on Law and Order: SVU

Last, but certainly not least, the person who truly sold me on the name Olivia:

Raven- Symone playing Olivia Kendall on The Cosby Show...

Until Raven's character came along, all the Olivia's I knew were older, yes of course I knew that they were once children but I just couldn't picture naming a child Olivia in the future. It did not help that in the book, The Color Purple by Alice Walker and the movie adaptation by Steven Spielberg, when Celie played by Whoopi Goldberg names her daughter Olivia, the name is made fun of as being for an Old person..

Well My Olivia isn't Old and she definitely has the spunk and charisma of Olivia Kendall and I can't be happier with my choice to name my first born daughter Olivia..

Happy 6th Birthday Olivia Camille Walker...I Love you Too Pieces..

21 March 2013

Ernest Everett Just

Ernest Everett Just was born August 14, 1883 in Charleston, South Carolina, he was a pioneering Biologist, Academic and Science Writer. His primary legacy is in his recognition of the fundamental role of the cell surface in the development of organisms. In his work within marine biology, cytology and parthenogenesis, he advocated the study of whole cells under normal conditions rather than simply breaking them apart in a laboratory setting.

When Just was young he became dreadfully sick for 6 weeks with typhoid fever. He had a hard time recuperation as his memory was greatly affected. While he had been lauded for learning so much at a young age, he now had to relearn everything. His mother worked with him but became impatient and gave up on him. He persevered and finally read by himself, however he kept the information from his mother for a month because he felt betrayed by her when she had given up on him and stopped teaching him to read.  

He was sent to an all black boarding school in Orangeburg, SC at the age of 13, however when he was 16 his mother sent him to Kimball Union Academy in Meriden, NH because she felt that the south did not provide adequate education for Blacks. She died in his second year at Kimball and he missed her burial by an hour. Despite this tragedy, Just graduated in 3 instead of 4 years at the top of his class and Phi Betta Kappa in 1903.  He went on to graduate Magna Cum Laude from Dartmouth where he received special honors in Zoology and distinguished himself in Botany, History and Sociology. He was also honored as a Rufus Choate Scholar for 2 years. 

Just faced the problem that many talented African American College graduates faced, not finding a job in his field, thus began his tenure at Historically Black Howard University. He first taught English rhetoric in 1907, far from his scientific studies. In 1909 he began teaching English Biology and by 1910 he was named head of the newly formed Biology Department.  Then in 1912 he became head of the Zoology department which he held until his untimely death. 

Just met Dr. Frank R. Lillie the head of the Biology Department at The University of Chicago, who was also chief of The Marine Biology Laboratory (MBL) in Woods Hole, Massachusetts in 1909. The next 20 years all but one summer, Just spent at MBL doing research. In 1915 he took a leave of absence from Howard to enroll in an advanced academic program at The University of Chicago. He also received the first NAACP Spingarn Medal, February 12, 1915. Due to his schedule and obligations at Howard, Just earned his PhD in 1916 in Experimental Embryology with a thesis on The Mechanics of Fertilization from the University of Chicago. 

On November 17, 1911, Just assisted Howard Students, Edgar Amos Love, Oscar James Cooper and Frank Colman in establishing Omegas Psi Phi Fraternity despite the University's administration reluctance. 

In 1930, he became the first American invited to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin, Germany where many Noble Prize Winners worked on their research. He made a total of 9 visits to Europe to pursue research as he was treated like a celebrity amongst the Scientific community, especially the European community. He was encouraged to extend his theory on the Ectoplasm to other species. In 1933 due to the Nazi's taking over he ceased to work in Germany and relocated his European based studies to Paris.

At the outbreak of World War II, Just was working at the Station Biologique in Roscoff, France researching what would become his paper, The Unsolved Problems of General Biology. He ignored the French Government's  request that all foreign citizens evacuate and was captured by the Germans when they invaded France and became a Prisoner of War. The United States Department of State rescued Just in September 1940. However Just had been sick prior to his arrest and his condition worsened while he was imprisoned. In the Fall of 1941, he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and he died shortly thereafter on October 21, 1941

Just wrote 2 books, Basic Methods for Experiments on Eggs & Marine Mammals (1922) and The Biology of the Cell Surface (1939), and several papers during his lifetime. 

The Biology Building at Howard University is named for Just and is located on the University's campus in The Valley, which is also home to several other Science buildings. 

Sewing with Kids

It's no secret that I sew. I learned to sew when I was in 7th grade, thanks Mrs. Williams and I fell in Love. I took Clothing 1 and 2 in High School and even made myself A Prom Dress and a dress for my high school graduation.  I purchased my first sewing machine when I was around 25 from Spiegel (it took me forever to pay it off, LOL). My current machine was purchased on sale at Target. I definitely want a second machine and a serger, but that's another story.

Well my children are fascinated when I start sewing, so when I saw this post:  http://www.skiptomylou.org/2013/03/07/how-to-sew-a-headband-kids-sewing-project/ I knew I could work with my 3 youngest and let them get some practice with the Sewing Machine.

Check out the photo's of Olivia, Charlotte and Dusty and their first sewing project: Headbands.. They had a good time. Olivia was rather apprehensive, Charlotte was very easy to work with and Dusty really wanted to learn and he did it mostly all by himself.

We have another week of Spring Break, so I may try another project, but Thanks Skip To My Lou for the motivation :-)