27 January 2012

BoxTops For Education

While I think this is an excellent program  to fundraise for schools, I still have my issues. Most school have competitions for which class and/or person collects the most. Well when the same kids win, who is really winning? I don't buy very many products that have boxtops simply bc most of the food products are high in fat, sugar and basically unhealthy ingredients. See my motto is 10 or less ingredients and I should be able to read them and understand them without Websters.  Now I do collect some from products such as Paper Towels, ziploc containers and several Cascadian Farms products, but not enough for any of my children to ever win the prize for collecting the most. But it's ok, since My kids know they are winners in my book and that's all that matters in this imperfectly perfect diva's life.


  1. Shautel, if your school coordinator wants some better ideas have her contact me. Yes, I have collection sheetsnmonthly for students to turn in with space for usually 10 box tops or less, but if a studentnturned it in with less I still put their name in the drawing. Three students who participated (turned in. Sheet) wins a fun prize each month. The classroom with the most wins a cereal party at the end of the year. Kids that turn in any box tops from summer wins a prize with the top five winning something a little more. They are on Avery and hefty products now. We don't buy many of the foods either. Our school earns over $2k a year that enables us to provide some fun programs.


    1. Hey Christi, Our current school does it per class, this was at our old school in GA. But thanks for offering to help :-)