19 February 2012

Hair and Body Products

So one of the things I have been doing for the past two weeks is working on making our own hair and body products, mainly because they are so expensive and there are 6 of us and 4 of us need something for our hair, 2 of us suffer from eczema and dry skin so we need something and I can't keep buying things when I have all the tools at home to make them myself. So today, using Raw Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E capsules and Tea Tree Oil, and Olive Oil I made 2 products.
The top product can be used for hair and body (the beauty of using all natural oils), but I made it for body, I used 1lb of raw white Shea Butter,  2 TB of Grapseed Oil, 1 TB of Castor Oil, 1/2 TB of Jojoba Oil, 1/2 tsp of vitamin c powder, 6 vitamin E capsules, that I cut and put in the mixtures, 2 big heaping tablespoons of Coconut Oil and a few drops of tea tree oil and blended to the consistency I liked.

The 2nd product is mainly for our hair, I used a few spoons of coconut oil that I melted slightly, then added some of the the first product, olive oil and some castor oil, I truly just eyeballed the measurements until it was the consistency I liked.

We'll all be dabbing in these this week, So I'll let you know how our hair and body likes these products..

Imperfectly perfect me is just excited that I am able to monitor what my family puts on their body :-)

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