19 February 2012

Tech Fast

So the Family took a tech fast from noon to 4 pm and it was actually not too bad. I even iran an errand in my car and didn't turn on the radio, so I'm very proud of myself.  So what did I do, well I watched the girls paint some very beautiful pictures. I made some body and hair creams for the family and I went to the Farmers Market and Kroger for some quick errands. These are actually things that I would have done had we not been on a tech fast. The real reason we went on a Tech Fast was because my hubby is addicted to some new game on his iPhone, LOL.. BUt that's ok, he asked us to do it and we willingly did it, that's what families' do, they support each other.. I am just thankful he couldn't find the Monopoly game, because I truly despise playing that game with him and my oldest, Malcolm.

So yes this imperfectly perfect diva can live without technology as long as Monopoly is not involved :-)!

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