01 February 2012


So the news is saying that Don Cornelius was found dead of an apparent suicide. Well before we begin to judge, let me just say this, been there, done that. Yes I just said that I too contemplated suicide, when I was in 7th grade. No I wasn't being teased, I was just really upset with my life, my mother and our living situation and I guess some childhood things (that are a post, I'm not quite ready to write yet) were just becoming all too overwhelming for me and I felt like maybe if I were gone, My mom would appreciate me more. Yes in the end, my suicide attempt was about my mother when it all boiled down too it. So i took some pills and nothing happened, it was obvious that   God had other plans for me so I'm still here.  I also don't take medication unless I absolutely have too because of this incident. Afterwards, I spoke to my counselor at school and I moved forward and starting living my life, yep still made a few mistakes but I never thought again that ending my own life was part of my plan. So even imperfectly perfect diva's have serious self doubts. Lets celebrate his life and not the way it ended.

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