20 February 2012

black is black is black

To some Black is a state of mind, others say Black is not a race but a color and others feel black is a race and not a color. Who is right? Everyone has the right to his or her own opinion and I wish to state mine. I feel the term Black is the greatest term every rendered in the English language. to be Black means to be part of a people full of greatness, intelligence, positivity and strong minds. Being Black means that I should know who I am, from whence I come and to whence I am going. I am proud to be part of the Race that is labels Black (which is negative according to many dictionaries, but the most positive word in the English language in my opinion) Although I prefer the more Politically correct term of MUTANT WITH AN OVERABUNDANCE OF PIGMENTATION.

shautelmarie (year unknown)

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