19 February 2012


So back in 2004, I wrote a poem to win tickets to a Prince Concert. Here's my winning poem, WARNING EXPLICIT

Who told you I was a HORNEYTOAD with a SCARLET PUSSY?
 Do you also know that I am SOFT AND WT with a DIRTY MIND and I want to give you HEAD in your LITTLE RED CORVETTE while we drive down ALPHABET ST. in EROTIC CITY?
Don't let my ARROGANCE fool you
I ADORE you and I want to MELT WITH YOU as we shower each other with DIAMOND AND PEARLS.
So lets take this INTO THE LIGHT with ONE KISS AT A TIME.

yep the Imperfectly perfect me kicked up the freak meter, so I could see his Royal Badness and it was an excellent Concert, If I do say so myself.

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