25 February 2013


Ok, It's official I have decided to give Beyonce a chance...Yes you can now run into the streets and jump with joy. Let me say, I never really had an issue with her, I just wasn't a huge fan, I think it's that whole over exposure, singing At Last and attempting to portray an actress.. GIRL you can't ACT..please do us all a favor and stick to Singing.. Oh yeah and I think she's a beautiful woman naturally, so More photos of you and your natural self would be appreciated as well..  Well with the advent of Public Libraries and the ability to download free music, I have downloaded a few Beyonce songs that I like and as long as she keeps showing pictures of that beautiful Blue Ivy, I'll be a semi-fan.. I mean the only person I'm paying $100 to see is Prince Rogers Nelson and well Queen Bey is not even in the same category :-)

Despite the "controversy" surrounding this video, I mean come on people, imitation is the best form of flattery..I absolutely love this video and this song..

So, Again I'll be Team B for now...Just please don't do anything crazy...Give Blue Ivy a Kiss for me!

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